How to buy leads on Real Estate Bees Lead Marketplace

How to purchase leads on Real Estate Bees Lead Marketplace

In this article you will learn how to purchase leads on our Lead Marketplace within the Real Estate Bees dashboard.

To purchase leads from the Lead Marketplace, follow these simple steps:

1) Log in to your Real Estate Bees account using your email address and password.

2) Click the "Buy leads" tab on the left-hand side navigation under the "Leads & Referrals" section and then click the "Lead marketplace"  option.

3) At this time you will see a list of all the lead types in our database.  
You can filter the leads by selecting the type of lead, entering a location, and selecting a date range in which the leads were received.
  1. Filtering by Type of lead:  You can only select 1 type of lead when filtering
  2. Filtering by Location: You can use the location filter to select multiple states, cities, counties, and/or zip codes. 
  3. Filtering by Date range: You can select from a preset date range, or create a custom date range to see incoming leads for a specific date range.

4) Once you have filtered for the leads you are interested in, you can review the lead details and purchase the leads you are interested in by clicking the yellow button “BUY Lead”.

After clicking the “BUY LEAD” button, a screen will appear requesting payment information. Once your payment information is entered and you click “PAY NOW”, you  will see a message stating that your payment was successful, and have the option to instantly view the contact details of the lead.

5) Once you click the button “VIEW LEAD DETAILS”, you will be able to see all the lead information, along with contact details. The lead will also be accessible by navigating to the "Leads & Referrals" section, opening the "My leads" section and clicking the "Purchased leads" tab.