How to search and claim cash offers with your Motivated Seller Leads subscription on Real Estate Bees platform

How to search and claim cash offers with your Motivated Seller Leads subscription

In this article you will learn how to search and claim your motivated seller leads in the Real Estate Bees Lead marketplace after you have signed up for the REB Leads program for lenders.

Below is a step-by-step video tutorial that walks you through how to search and claim motivated seller leads :

Here are a few simple steps to follow to start claiming borrower leads for your lending company:

1) Log in to your Real Estate Bees account using your email address and password.

2) Click the "Buy leads" tab on the left-hand side navigation within the Leads & Referrals section and then click the "Leads marketplace"  option.

3) At this time you will see a list of all the lead types in our database. To filter for the motivated seller leads that are included in your subscription, select "Cash offers" for the Lead Type.

Below are additional filters you can select from:
  1. Filtering by Location: You can use the location filter to select multiple states, cities, counties, and/or zip codes. 
  2. Filtering by Date range: You can select from a preset date range, or create a custom date range to see incoming leads for a specific date range.

4) Once you have filtered for the leads you are subscribed to, you can review the lead details and claim the leads you are interested in by clicking the yellow button “CLAIM LEAD".
After clicking the “CLAIM LEAD” button, a screen will appear letting you know how many lead credits you have left along with an additional button prompting you confirm the claiming of the lead "CLAIM NOW". Once your lead has been claimed successfully, you have the option to instantly view the contact details of the lead.

5) Click “VIEW LEAD DETAILS” to see all the fields previously available to you, along with contact details of the lead. The lead will also be accessible by navigating to the Leads & Referrals section, opening the My leads section and clicking on Purchased leads.