What is Real Estate Bees Exclusive Publicity Program and How Can It Benefit Me?

What is Real Estate Bees Exclusive Publicity Program and How Can It Benefit Me?

In this article I'll walk you through the benefits of getting started with our Exclusive Publicity Program 

What is Real Estate Bees’ Exclusive Publicity Program?
The Exclusive Publicity Program is an invite-only, exclusive program for active Real Estate Bees platform’s members that helps proactive real estate professionals to position themselves as sought-after industry experts by getting them featured in nation’s most reputable media outlets and publications!

Our Exclusive Publicity Program is completely free of charge to qualified RealEstateBees.com’s members.

What are the benefits of joining the PR Program?

#1 Credibility

Credibility is one of the cornerstones of success in any type of business. Being featured in the reputable media outlets and publications as the one who comments on a subject of your expertise, helps you instantly boost your credibility as an industry professional.

#2 Reputation

Reputation is a powerful asset that’s built over time and which can be successfully leveraged by any business. Having your own and your company’s name mentioned in leading publications, significantly helps you accelerate your reputation building process.

#3 Exposure

Every company needs exposure to get more business through the door. What can be better than getting media coverage on highly-visited publications? Getting publicity by being featured on popular media outlets, increases your exposure through the roof.

#4 Notoriety

What do all the famous people and businesses that we instantly recognize have in common? They are all being consistently covered by various media channels. Having yours and your business’ name featured on leading publications gains you notoriety over time.

#5 SEO

Leading search engines like Google made it clear that in order to get higher rankings, a website must have references on reputable and authoritative online publications. Being mentioned on credible media outlets helps you website rank higher in search engines.

Who Is eligible to apply?

Our program is only available to professionals who actively practice their real estate-related specialty and have been consecutively doing so for at least three years. To qualify, you must be either running your own business or working for an industry-related organization and be able to provide a proof of an appropriate certification and credentials.

Factors that influence our consideration:
  1. Being acknowledged as an expert by a reputable media resource or a reputable real estate-related community.
  2. Successfully practicing your specialty for at least three years or longer.
  3. References from reputable industry-related organizations.
  4. Your reputation among your clients.

How do I apply?

To apply for the Exclusive Publicity Program, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and complete the prerequisites.