Required Prerequisites to Get Started with Exclusive Publicity Program by Real Estate Bees

Prerequisites to getting started with Exclusive Publicity Program

In this article I'll walk you through the prerequisites you'll need to complete as a part of our Exclusive Publicity Program before you can start receiving commentary requests from reporters and journalists.

Depending on how you found this article, your prerequisite completion progress may vary. However, for most of you the first four items would most likely be completed at this point. If it's you, feel free to skip the first four items straight to the fifth one.

That said, if you've not completed any of the five items below, please take a few minutes to complete them all.
  1. Create and fill out your free Personal business profile to the best of your ability (example).
  2. Upload your professional headshot (not company's logo) to your Personal business profile.
  3. List all the specialties in your Personal business profile for which you'd like to receive commentary requests from reporters and journalists.
  4. Write 100-200 word biography in your Personal business profile describing your professional career that clearly demonstrates your expertise.
  5. Add to your Linkedin profile (to the ‘Experience’ section in particular) the following title “Strategic [AREA OF EXPERTISE] Advisor” (replace the [AREA OF EXPERTISE] with your specialty. For example, if you are a mortgage broker, the title will look like this “Strategic Mortgage Advisor”) and associate it with our company’s Linkedin business page. Here is an example of a Realtor Kristina Morales who did just that.
Without all the listed above five items we're unable to begin sending you commentary requests from reporters and journalists.